Interaction Design

Virtual walk through dollhouse

At the Rijkslab (innovation lab Rijksmuseum) I have been working on a special project: Can we make a virtual walk through the dollhouses of the Rijksmuseum. To test this, we had to build a replica of the dollhouse of Petronella Oortman and take 360 photo’s inside the dollhouse.

In the project I looked into the value of the dollhouses at Rijksmuseum and how technology can enhance this in ways that weren’t possible without. The dollhouse is an important object because it tells us a lot about living in the 17th century in Amsterdam. A lot of items in the dollhouse are items we do not use anymore in our daily lives.

The added value of the virtual tour with 360 photos is that it can take you to places where no human physically can go: inside a dollhouse. Especially with the dollhouse of Petronella Oortman the virtual tour can take you to the cellar! The cellar is the one room that is at the moment not visible for visitors because it is underneath the dollhouse.

The prototype was tested with visitors of the Rijksmuseum. In this test we tested the visitors overall experience and if the think they learned something new about the dollhouse. The results were very positive with both younger and older audience.

Are you curious about the virtual tour? You can check ik out here:

The dollhouse was made with help from the beautiful craftmanship of Martijn Brouwer en Adeline van Lier.