Virtual walk through dollhouse

At the Rijkslab (innovation lab Rijksmuseum) I have been working on a special project: Can we make a virtual walk through the dollhouses of the Rijksmuseum. To test this, we had to build a replica of the dollhouse of Petronella Oortman and take 360 photo’s inside the dollhouse.


In february 2019 I worked on a project for the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Rijkslab is a innovation studio located inside the museum where employees of the museum can experiment with new ideas with innovative technologies. My team and I helped out with a few experiments to get the innovationlab started. My team: Chefrany Augustinus, Josien Vos, […]


Games [4Diversity] contributes to the representation and inclusion of socio-cultural minorities in popular culture by organizing game-related events. As committee member I help organise the Games[4Diversity] café talks and the annual Utrecht Canal Pride. Mostly I am in charge of the logistics of the events, but also with creating marketing campaigns and community building. In […]

Game Design: Mr. Sadman

During my first year Game Design at the University of Arts in Utrecht we had to make a small game in Unity to learn a bit of programming. This was the first time for to work with Unity, and C# for that matter.

Game Design: Onderweg

Onderweg was a game design concept for an applied game assignment. The assignment was to design a game in which we stimulate children with acquired brain injury to exercise more. You can read the design document here.

Game Design: HoodooVoodoo

HoodooVoodoo is AR one versus one RTS game. The goal of the game is to destroy each others temple by placing totems and towers. The towers are spawn points for monsters which you can place on the side of the board. You can place totems to re-direct the monsters in the right direction.   Other […]

Video Dutch Courage

For Dutch Courage I voluntary made a small movie during one of their events as a small promotion for the coming events. This video was shot during the Dutch Courage @ Gamescom 2018.

Game Design: Bright

Bright is local co-op side scroller for 2 players. The story is about 2 characters; a young boy and his guardian angel called Bright. The boy is stuck in a mysterious dream and tries to find his way out together with Bright. The game is made for a 8 week school assignment. Unfortunately we didn’t […]


The very first digital animation I made.  

Video Adelines Mozaïek

A little documentary I made for Adeline van Lier. Alongside the video I designed her website: adelinesmozaï