Interactive art

The ‘reisnecessaires’ in the collection of Rijksmuseum were back in the day a common phenomenon. These so called dressing cases are highly detailed and very beautiful from the inside. The problem was, these ‘reisnecessaires’ are in a closed position on display behind glass. The challenge therefor was: How can the visitor see the spectacular inside? […]

Virtual walk through dollhouse

At the Rijkslab (innovation lab Rijksmuseum) I have been working on a special project: Can we make a virtual walk through the dollhouses of the Rijksmuseum. To test this, we had to build a replica of the dollhouse of Petronella Oortman and take 360 photo’s inside the dollhouse.


In february 2019 I worked on a project for the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Rijkslab is a innovation studio located inside the museum where employees of the museum can experiment with new ideas with innovative technologies. My team and I helped out with a few experiments to get the innovationlab started. My team: Chefrany Augustinus, Josien Vos, […]


Games [4Diversity] contributes to the representation and inclusion of socio-cultural minorities in popular culture by organizing game-related events. As committee member I help organise the Games[4Diversity] café talks and the annual Utrecht Canal Pride. Mostly I am in charge of the logistics of the events, but also with creating marketing campaigns and community building. In […]

Video Dutch Courage

For Dutch Courage I voluntary made a small movie during one of their events as a small promotion for the coming events. This video was shot during the Dutch Courage @ Gamescom 2018.


The very first digital animation I made.  

Video Adelines Mozaïek

A little documentary I made for Adeline van Lier. Alongside the video I designed her website: adelinesmozaï